ECHMES presentation @ 5th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue, 8 & 9 December 2020

ECHMES Ltd participates with the presentation entitled “Best practices in extractive waste management” of the EIT RawMaterials event: 5th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue. The event is scheduled to take place on- line at 8 & 9 December 2020. This year’s event is dedicated to Circular Economy of Raw Materials. The 5th Greek Raw Materials Community Dialogue will be followed, […]

New JMD for the modernization of permitting framework of manufacturing activities

The JMD no. 92108/1045 / Φ.15 (3833/Β/2020) has been published in the Government Gazette. The new JMD modernizes the criteria for environmental classification of manufacturing activities, while at the same time the Decisions for the classification of these activities in degrees of nuisance are abolished. Any reference in the current legislation to High, Medium and […]

Land Planning for Mineral Raw Materials

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Giorgos Stathakis, met today with the contractor’s team, that our Company ECHMES participates in, which will prepare the Special Land Planning Framework for Mineral Raw Materials and the Strategic Environmental Impact Study. The Minister was briefed on the process of preparing the study and the timetable for the country to […]

ECHMES : Project Partner of the EIT Raw Materials

Since 2019 ECHMES is a member as a Project Partner of the EIT Raw Materials. ReviRIS. Revitalising Post-Mining Regions: Problems and Potential in RIS Europe The objective of the Project is to develop an evaluative toolbox for decision makers (regional and local governments, industry and communities) for post transitional and mining land use. Selection of […]

Electronic Environmental Registry

The Electronic Environmental Registry (EER) is an innovative operational tool for environmental policy and was initiated on the 5th July 2018. Its purpose is to reduce bureaucracy, time and cost of environmental permitting through a transparent process. The EER supports all the procedures and stages of environmental permitting, while it contains all information about the […]

Quarry Law

A new Quarry Law is being issued 4512/2018 (Α’5 / 17.01.2018) for the regulation of the Research and Exploitation of quarries minerals and other provisions. See here the form