Land Planning for Mineral Raw Materials

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Giorgos Stathakis, met today with the contractor’s team, that our Company ECHMES participates in, which will prepare the Special Land Planning Framework for Mineral Raw Materials and the Strategic Environmental Impact Study.

The Minister was briefed on the process of preparing the study and the timetable for the country to acquire for the first time a Special Land Planning Framework for Mineral Raw Materials.

The preparation of the framework will start immediately and will be completed within 18 months, including the relevant draft of the Joint Ministerial Decision, through a substantial and expanded dialogue with relevent stakeholders. The aim is to maximize the stakeholder engagement, of all actors in the industry and the scientific community.

The purpose of the Land Planning Framework is to formulate policy directions for the land use structure of the sector, in relation to existing land uses, on the basis of sustainable development, the emergence of comparative advantages of the country, the preservation and protection of the cultural and natural heritage.

It seeks to develop a land planning organization model that will promote and strengthen competitiveness and enrichment of strategically important resources and will be in harmonization with national strategic planning for the exploitation of mineral wealth, providing legal certainty as a prerequisite for attracting investments.