Electronic Environmental Registry

The Electronic Environmental Registry (EER) is an innovative operational tool for environmental policy and was initiated on the 5th July 2018. Its purpose is to reduce bureaucracy, time and cost of environmental permitting through a transparent process. The EER supports all the procedures and stages of environmental permitting, while it contains all information about the environmental performance of a project or activity during its life cycle.

 All project documentation of a project can be submitted to the EER, such as: the Preliminary Assessment of Environmental Requirements, Decision of Approval of Environmental Terms (DAET), renewal and/or amendment of DAET, the Final Compliance Documentation, the Technical Environmental Study, etc.

The EER is accessible via the following URL: http://eprm.ypen.gr

 A Help Desk has been established to facilitate the registry user, and is available online at help.eprm@prv.ypeka.gr and by phone at +30 210 641 7806 and +30 210 641 7714.