Talent, expertise and attention to detail - for your project

Our colleagues are the most valuable asset. We focus on the continuous improvement of their skills and abilities. In every business level, from partners to executives and the external partners, each employee has high skill level. Our colleagues have significant scientific background and long-term experience in designing, licensing and managing important Greek and international investments on issues related to the environment, sustainable development of natural resources, tourism and commercial and industrial development as well. The awareness of environmental issues and the sustainable use of natural resources are the major concern for all of us. We have a wide range of skills, creating an appropriate workgroup that will deepen your needs in order to reach high-quality services in line with our company\'s vision and values.

Using the wide variety of our colleague’s skills and abilities we have always the most appropriate working team, depending on the project, which will understand your needs and will collaborate with you offering high level services in line with the vision and values of our company.

Our colleagues are certified and officially enrolled in the Study Record of the Ministry of Infrastructure for Transport and Networks for the following Categories:

• Category 27 Environmental Studies </ strong> Class C, B and A \'
• Category 15 Industry Studies </ strong> Class A \'
• Category 19 Mining Studies </ strong> Class B \'and A\'
• Category 02 Urban and Urban Studies </ strong> Class A \'
• Category 06 Architectural Studies of Buildings</ strong> Class B \'
• Category 07 Special Architectural Studies </ strong> Class B \'
• Category 21 Geotechnical Studies </ strong> Class B \'
• Category 16 Topographic Studies </ strong> Class A \'
• Category 13 Hydraulic Design Studies </ strong> Class A \'