Quality Policy

Our own Quality Management System is fundamental to the successful delivery of projects and services – and something we are continuously striving to improve. We are fully compliant with the ΕLOT EN ISO 9001:2015 International Standard. ECHMES has been certified since 2004 and was last certified in 2018 by Eurocert Inspection and Certification. ECHMES is insured for professional liability coverage (Error & Omissions) with Lloyd’s of London through Koutinas SA – Lloyd’s Cover Holders.

Our quality policy targets are:

  • Providing high quality services with great value for money
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Creation of strategic cooperation with clients and external associates
  • Establishing and developing trust in every stage of the process
  • Continuous growth of the company’s turnover and of its competitiveness

And we strive to achieve them through: 

  • The implementation of a Quality Management System
  • Providing all necessary equipment and training
  • Motivating personnel to develop their skills and actively contribute to increasing the company’s growth and competitiveness
  • Applying the principles of processing the personal data as has been defined by the GDPR Regulation and has established Privacy Policy.

How we ensure quality of service

Our Quality Management System is the key to ensuring high quality delivery every time. This is underpinned by thorough monitoring to ensure that all processes are successfully implemented and quality indicators are available for each stage of implementation.

Training & Equipment

Well-trained personnel ensure that all processes undertaken are carried out to the highest standards. We place great emphasis on continuous education and training for all staff members and our external associates. We pay special attention to giving our personnel the skills and structures they need to coordinate and cooperate effectively across interdisciplinary teams. Our personnel understand their responsibility to work together in order to successfully complete any projects or studies undertaken by the company.

Our scientific personnel participate in conferences, workshops, meetings and seminars to present papers on their research and activities. We encourage this as part of our commitment to the sharing of knowledge, the constant improvement of our services and the development of our competitiveness.

We make sure every employee has the correct tools they need to achieve their goals. ECHMES is fully equipped with state-of-the-art electronic equipment and all relevant software.


The integrity of the Quality Management System requires regular, detailed and accurate monitoring of all procedures implemented by the company. Management takes its responsibility very seriously to ensure this process is carried out effectively at every level of the company and updates procedures when necessary to guarantee effective operations. Management’s attention to detail and oversight on processes throughout the company is vital to ensure a continual improvement in the quality of service and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.