1. Feasibility Studies-Business Plans

INDICATIVE PROJECTS Feasibility Study for the Exloitation of Emery in Naxos, 2017-2018         Pre-Feasibility Study for the Development and Exploitation of Chromite Deposit in Grevena-Kozani area, 2016       Social cost benefit Analysis Study, Sappes, Rodopi, 2011-2012      Study & Business action plan for the Mine Permit within the Mining areas of Fthiotida, Attiki and Viotia, 2011      […]

3. Funding Development Programs

INDICATIVE PROJECTS Research on Funding Development Programs for Exloitation of Emery in Naxos, 2017-2018      Research on Funding Development programs for a Pharmacutical Industry, 2016      Application, monitoring and management of a business plan for a reseach and development company, under the framework of «Upgrading of SMEs for the development of skills in new markets», ESPA 2014 – 2020, […]

4. Research Programs

INDICATIVE PROGRAMS Development of Integrated Information System for the Development of a Spatial Data Base for the  Mines and Quarries in Greece, (LATOMET), 2007-2008  Re-Engineering of Natural Stone Production Chain Through Knowledge Based Processes, Eco-Innovation and new Organisational Paradigms (FP6 – I-STONE) – Participation, 2005-2008 Technical consultant to the Kozani Prefecture for the Project: “Rehabilitation of […]