Quality Policy
ECHMES Ltd. Implements a Quality Management System according to ΕLOT EN ISO 9001:2000 international Standard. Our company was certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Hellas on 2004 (by EUROCERT from 2013). 

The company’s targets are: 
• To provide high quality services at a competitive cost. 
• Customer’s satisfaction. 
• Creation of strategic cooperation conditions with clients and external associates on a permanent basis. 
• Continuous increase on the company’s turnover and its competitiveness. 

In order to achieve the aforementioned targets, the Management: 
• Implements a Quality Assurance System according to ISO9001:2008 
• Provides all necessary means in equipment and training 

The staff should be informed and contribute to the continuous improvement of the services and competitiveness of the company. 

Measures for ensuring quality of services 

ECHMES Ltd. pays special emphasis on the application of processes and procedures which ensure quality of services. Emphasis is also given to the continuous education and training of its permanent staff members as well as its external associates. 

Special attention is given in the coordination and effective cooperation of multi-disciplinary teams, responsible for the implementation of the studies and projects undertaken by the company. 

Within the implementation of a quality system certified with ISO9001:2000, ECHMES Ltd. supports a monitoring system of the quality of its services. 

By the implementation of the procedures of the quality system, the regular and documented informing of the Management is achieved and consequently decisions are taken regarding the update of the procedures and the unobstructed and effectual company’s operation. This results to the continuous improvement of the quality of the services provided by the company, and ensures the customer’s satisfaction. 

The effectiveness of the quality assurance system is ensured by the implementation of periodical audits by external accredited auditors. 
ECHMES Ltd. is fully equipped with state of the art electronic equipment and relevant software. 

The scientific personnel of ECHMES Ltd. participate on Conferences, Workshops, Meetings and Seminars presenting papers related to their activities.