ECHMES Ltd. Environmental, Chemical, Metallurgical Services Ltd.

ECHMES Ltd (Ltd) is a private Consultancy Company, founded in Athens in 1994, which provides integrated solutions in the field of Environmental Management, Chemical and mining industry, within the framework of sustainable development.

ECHMES Ltd. services refer to private and public companies, local authorities (Prefectures, Municipalities, etc.) and the wider public sector. 

Quality Policy:

ECHMES Ltd. Implements a Quality Management System according to ΕLOT EN ISO 9001:2000 international Standard. Our company was certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Hellas on 2004 (by EUROCERT from 2013).      

Law 4014/2011 on “Environmental permitting of projects and activities, regulation of unauthorized constructions in relation to the achievement of environmental balance and other clauses under the competence of the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change”

Law 4014/2011 provides, amongst others, for the following new features on the environmental permitting process:
• Simplification and rationalization of the permitting process of projects and activities and reduction of the average time needed for issuing of the relevant permits.
• Reduction on the number of projects and activities that require submission and evaluation of an Environmental Impacts Assessment study (EIA) for their environmental permitting.
• Inspections and periodical auditing carried out by the competent authorities and other private bodies/inspectors are mandatory since these should ensure the project’s environmental performance.
• Any overlapping licenses/certificates (such as waste disposal license, hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal licenses, etc.) are not necessary as they should be incorporated in the Environmental Terms Approval Decision.
• Co-signing by all other Ministers is not necessary for the issuing of the Environmental Terms Approval Decision.
• The Environmental Terms Approval Decision for new projects or activities should be valid for 10 years if the permitted project/activity has an environmental management system in place (12 years for ISO and 14 years for EMAS). The validity of an existing Environmental Terms Approval Decision should be extended to 10 years from the date of its issuing.
• The Preliminary Environmental Estimation and Evaluation phase is no longer mandatory but optional.
• In the case of projects or activities planned in NATURA 2000 areas a “Special Ecological Assessment” should be submitted and evaluated.
• EIA should be electronically submitted and the whole process of environmental permitting, terms renewal, etc. should be monitored through the Internet. An Environmental Inventory should be created electronically.
• Each project/activity should receive a unique identity number referred to as its Environmental Identity that shall include all environmental data related to the Project.
• Reduction of projects and activities for which submission and evaluation of an EIA is needed for their environmental permitting.