The Company

ECHMES Ltd. is a private Consultancy Company that was founded in Athens in 1994, that provides integrated specialized environmental and technical solutions.


Our services are offered to national and international private and public companies, local authorities (Peripheries, Prefectures, Municipalities, etc.) and their development agencies and the wider public sector. We cooperate with Universities and Academic and Research Institutes, in order to implement research programs and develop technology in the fields of the company’s interest.


The company’s activity is focused on the following subjects:

  • Environmental, Metallurgical, Chemical - Technical, Mining and Industrial Studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, both on Strategic Environmental Assessments for Plans, Programs and Strategic Investments and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for projects and activities.
  • Sustainable development of Mineral Resources - Waste management
  • Documentation and preparation of Environmental, Quality and Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • Consultancy Services on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
  • Implementation of Research Programs /Technical Projects.
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment Studies for Projects (SEVESO studies).
  • Life Cycle Assessment for Projects and Products.
  • Reclamation and rehabilitation of industrial sites.
  • Preparation of Strategic Investment documentation.
  • Consultancy Services and proposal preparations for projects incorporation under international and national financing programs and mechanisms.
  • Management and Composition of Social Responsibility reporting according to national and international standards (e.g. GRI-G4, ISO 26000, Social Accountability 8000).


ECHMES Ltd. consultancy firm, is registered to the official Greek Consultancy Register (Reg. No. 898) of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks and is specialized on the main consulting services in classes 6 / B2, 7 / B2, 19 / B3, 27 / B3, regulated under the Greek Law. We are a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and the Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE).


ECHMES Ltd. staff is certified and subscribed to the registry of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, to the following Categories:

  • Category 27 «Environmental Studies» Class C’, Β’ and Α
  • Category 15 «Industrial Studies» Class  Α
  • Category 19 «Mining Studies» Class Β’ and Α
  • Category 16 «Topographical Studies» Class Α
  • Category 13 «Hydraulic project Studies» Class Α
  • Category 06 «Architectural Studies of Buildings» Class Β
  • Category 07 «Special Architectural Studies» Class Β
  • Category 21 «Geotechnical Studies» Class Β
  • Category 02 «Urban Planning Studies» Class Α


We have implemented and we continuously improve our Quality Management System what we have attained according to the ELOT standard EN ISO 9001:2008 that is certified since 2004 (Bureau Veritas Certification Hellas) up until 2017 (EUROCERT). We are insured for professional liability coverage (ERROR & ΟMISSIONS) to LLOYD's, London through KOUTINAS SA - LLOYD'S COVER HOLDERS.