The Company

ECHMES Ltd (Ltd) is a private Consultancy Company, founded in Athens in 1994, which provides integrated solutions in the field of Environmental Management, Chemical and Mining Industry within the framework of sustainable development and in Risk and Emergency Management for Infrastructure Works.

ECHMES Ltd. services refer to private and public companies, local authorities (Prefectures, Municipalities, etc.) and the wider public sector. The company cooperates with Universities and Academic and Research Institutes, in order to implement research programmes and develop technology in the fields of the company’s interest.  

Executive members and external associates of the company present significant expertise and extended experience at the planning, licensing and management of important Greek and international investments regarding environment, sustainable development of natural resources, tourism and industry.  

The company’s activity is focused on the following subjects:  

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies – Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Exploitation of Mineral Resources
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment Studies for Infrastructure Projects    
  • Emergency Situation Management and Business Continuity
  • Planning studies for technological and man-made hazards.          
  • Solid Waste and Wastewater Management
  • Water Management
  • Development of Antipollution and Rehabilitation methods
  • Architectural Studies
  • Development and implementation of GIS
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Research Projects
  • Commercial Activities Life Cycle Assessment for Projects and Products 


The company is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG), a member of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), of the Balkan Environmental Association (BENA), of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC), of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and of the Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies (PASEPPE).  

ECHMES Ltd. was certified, in year 2004, and applies a Quality Management System according to the ELOT standard EN ISO 9001:2008.    


ECHMES Ltd. staff is awarded by the Ministry for the Environment with the following certificates of expertise, graded by Class, where A is the lowest level:  

  • Category 27 Environmental Studies, Class C, B and A
  • Category 15 Industrial Studies, Class C and A
  • Category 19 Mining Studies, Class A
  • Category 06 Architectural Studies for Building Projects, Class Β
  • Category 07 Special Architectural Studies Class Β